Use Case

Seed funding utilization

  • Scale our development team Expand our team of developers to work with our CTO & existing development team.

  • Product development Develop the application, site & on-chain functionalities to bring XAIX to life.

  • Scale media production Increase our social media presence establishing XAIX as a leader in the personal finance, investing & cryptocurrency space.

  • Ambassador program Our existing community of raving fans are the best ambassadors to build the XAIX community.

  • Ads & marketing This supply for Marketing will be used for marketing activities for the initial growth of the platform. It will be used for marketing such as user acquisition and branding to initially build the platform and will be the basis to continuously promote the platform’s expansion and advancement

  • Strategic partnerships We will build strategic partnerships with influencers, media outlets & projects in the space to ensure XAIX is the number 1 app for onboarding new users to crypto in a safe way.

  • Ecosystem This ecosystem supply will be distributed to build close parts to the various ecosystems existing within the ecosystem, such as nft projects, development, and community.

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