BSC Testnet

How can I trust the XAIX reference system? As soon as the person buys a token with my referral link, will my earnings be transferred to my wallet immediately? Will my earnings be BNB or XAIX? I'm considering investing, but can I try it to make sure the reference system is working?

We know you may have many questions like these. And we understand your concerns.

That's why XAIX invites you to try it on the BSC Testnet network to show that the system works completely transparently and reliably.

You can make a trial investment in the testnet network without any risk, invite someone with your reference link and see if the system works.

Here's what you need to do on the testnet network:

  1. Add the BSC testnet in your Metamask wallet (if you don't already have it). You can do this in 2 ways. a. Connecting MetaMask to BNB Smart Chain(For manuel) b. - Go to - Select "testnets" - Type "bsc" in the search field. - Add the "Binance Smart Chain Testnet" to your wallet with the "Add To Metamask" button.

2. Add some test BNB to your Wallet from Binance Smart Chain Faucet. (0.5 BNB)

3. Go to the user panel by select the "BSC Testnet" on the Metamask. Connect your wallet. Make sure you are on the testnet. You will be directed directly to the token purchase page. You should see your wallet address correctly when you connect successfully.

4. a. To become a part of the XAIX project and purchase of X token will only be possible after payment made and receving an approval. As you like to participate our project, please select payment method and enter the amount of X tokens you wish to purchase. You can buy X tokens only using BNB. b. Congratulations! You have made your first investment.

5. Now that you've made your first investment, it's time to make money! Share your referral link or QR code and get commission for referred token purchases instantly to your wallet.

In order to earn money from the referral program, the referral link must be used on the token sale page when buying tokens.

6. On referral page, you can see the referral commission rate, total paid to referrers and referral earnings you have.

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