The transparency!

Maybe you know How MLM Plan works – Buy token, and earn from that trade. Well, once the system is integrated using blockchain then, the whole system will be transparent. The transparent nature makes sure of one important thing - Is the trade process completed or not?

Say, you bought tokens and shared your referral link with your friends. You are worried about whether your friend is trading with your referral link and whether the specified commission amount has been credited to your wallet.

The limitations or the constraints got its solution, and the plan gets a "trust" sign. It will also gain the required fuel to maximize its opportunities by building up an open network.

Smart contract and ICO are the next parts to discuss in this article, and it’s an important aspect to take care. As we discussed before, instead of fiat money, tokens are offered as payment. And this is done by implementing the smart contracts. Every set of compensations (bonus and commissions) needs to complete certain criteria. And to set these criterias you need to make some conditions like - you have to achieve this much sales etc. And if this is satisfied you achieve the bonus or commission. Thus dynamic compression can be implemented by means of smart contracts.

Employing smart contracts in the MLM system makes it easy to manage the entire process, along with eliminating the intervention of third-parties. Also, the protocols are predefined and immutable, making it impossible to alter them.

And the ICO, the old MLM crowdfunding spaces are now replaced with the ICO’s. Initial Coin offering keeps the funding part perfect, and there is no way to lock down your ideas to a massive hole anymore. ICO’s involves token as returns for the investment, and it’s the best way to deal with any marketing ideas that involves blockchain conceptualization.

So, the world is open to new transformation, and MLM has its upper hand with such latest innovations.

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