MLM in Blockchain

MLM in Blockchain – Analysis of the present system! The present system works well with an MLM plan; you start trading with token and crypto friends. The tokens are added up on the smart contract, and through referral marketing, the tokens are sold with commissions. Referral links are provided for users, and if someone buys a token by clicking this link, the commissions will be paid.

As the supply chain depends on the MLM industry or network marketing is a part of the supply chain management, everything is interrelated and proposed model includes every stage of business. From the referral side to that of the complete payment status, blockchain keeps everything aligned.

And to make the payment status verification, a third-party API has to be used. There are such limitations to the existing model henceforth the proposed model can replace or root away all such difficulties easily. Let’s take a look at it and analyze how it transforms the industry.

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