A transforming model!

The above model conveys only certain parts of the current system. Here we'll provide you with a complete transforming model which will change the phase of the digital world.

When the network is added up in the blockchain, everything is going to be easy, and transparent. The payment part can be easily validated and automatically it will be verified. Without any third-party API’s, the system itself validates with the node network.

And we've talked about the commission part if one buys a token through referral links; usually, token or the fiat money is used for such payments (e.g. 1. BNB, $50 USD etc.). Instead with the blockchain services like tokens, one can provide tokens instead of normal money, and it’s a two-way opportunity. We call it the "dual proposal model of commission set-up". If tokens are provided instead then, you get the payment as well as an investment opportunity.

The value of the tokens gets hype in the future and they can sell it for the best. Trading, exchange, investment, etc. are always the best option to propose in the system.

With such similar MLM programs in blockchain network, the sales and marketing will boost up easily. Well, blockchain does have the impact on the marketing plans too.

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